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What did you do well


“What did I do wrong?”

The above is one of the most common questions one asks themselves on dating sites.

The other one is “Why didn’t I get an answer from them?”

Fortunately, you can’t ask both about the same person.

You did wrong less often than you would think.

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Why one doesn’t get response? Part one


Most often, men complain about the lack of the response.

Most often, women complain: “If I don’t respond, I’ll receive another insulted message. When I say a polite ‘no’, I’ll receive another insulted message. As results are the same, it becomes challenging to find a reason to respond. Anyway, I receive too many messages. They are a mixture of ‘Hello’ and ‘Why didn’t you reply??!’”

We’ll help both sides.

How to look self-confident on the date


No way.

You have been told that self-confidence makes you attractive.

This is true.

You may also have heard how to act self-confident. Don’t walk. Don’t move glasses around the table. Don’t make faces. Don’t blush. Breath slowly. Don’t shake. Keep your heart rate at 62 per minute.

Forget it.

Online vs. real-life dating


I used to sign up to dating sites because I was shy to ask out strangers. At least those whom I liked much.

Nowadays I have enough confidence to ask out anyone. This is how I met a big love of my live.

I met another big love on a dating site. Everyone else whose personality fitted to mine I also met online.

The difference between online dating and “real-life dating” isn’t about the quality but about the risks. Let me explain what I mean by using a personal example.



Life gives us both good and bad. We don’t smile all the time. You don’t have to. But, for that five seconds, when a picture is taken of you, think about something wonderful. It matters more than you might believe.

Be bold


Someone close to me recently told me that she had uploaded a picture to Diamonds only to please me. Otherwise, she felt uncomfortable. I know how this is.

There is a conception that being on a dating site is “strange”. People say “you shouldn’t force these things to happen. Let the Fate arrange it for you.”

The first question is: what “these things” exactly means. Why does one sign up to a dating site?