Free dating tips

Answer the questions to find the best matches!


There are a few questions on Diamonds waiting for you. You’ll find them by clicking on the first icon from right, in the top menu. Look for the page "Match"!

(It’s the same icon that allows you edit your Profile and your Settings. It displays your profile picture, if you have any.)

We compute the Match % based on your answers. It informs you how likely you’d be a great match with a particular member. It assists you to find the greatest matches!

Your answers make your profile much more attractive.

They will help you and your future partner understand each other.

They will support you at the toughest part when you exchange the first few messages.

We categorized the questions: Profile, Dating, Ethics, etc. Most questions will accept a single answer from you. A few questions will allow you to select more than one answer.

It’s important to tell which answers you accept from the other person. You can always accept multiple options.

You should select how important the specific question is for you. The Match % will consider only those answers which you marked other than "Irrelevant."

We show the "Irrelevant" answers on your profile, but they don’t affect the Match %.

When you find a question too private although too important to skip, you may turn off the "Is public?" check box. Others won't see these answers. Hidden answers may influence the Match %.

You can order the search results by Match %. The top of the result list will show the best matches for you.

The more questions you answer, the better matches you’ll find on Diamonds. Answer them now to make your dream come true!