Free dating tips

Be bold


Someone close to me recently told me that she had uploaded a picture to Diamonds only to please me. Otherwise, she felt uncomfortable. I know how this is.

There is a conception that being on a dating site is “strange”. People say “you shouldn’t force these things to happen. Let the Fate arrange it for you.”

The first question is: what “these things” exactly means. Why does one sign up to a dating site?

The human kind has been trying to figure out the meaning of the life for thousands of years. It seems that the final answer is still to be discovered. People guess though. They mention family, love and happiness.

I guess love.

So, what if the love of your life didn’t choose the same elementary school you did? What if they didn’t sit next to you on the tram and you didn’t meet in the summer camp either? Most people work 8 hours per day, which is more like 10 hours with the commuting. How much time is left for meeting new people?

What if Fate has been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to help you? Maybe you also need to help yourself. I doubt that the first person to reach Antartica waited for the Fate to put Antartica front of him so he could step on it and put the flag there. More likely he dressed up, took a ship and started his big journey.

When you are asked by colleagues or acquaintances why you are on a dating site, don’t tell that "it is not that bad". Instead, be bold. You are there because you took your fate into your hands. You are willing to put effort into your happiness. You are able to do so.

This is already a big thing.

I’ve created Diamonds because I want to help you. Sign up and upload a good photo about yourself, if you haven’t done it yet. Be bold.

I’m going to help you to find who you are looking for.