Free dating tips



Did you know that we don’t use magic to choose your profile picture?

Your profile picture is seen on your profile and in the search results. It’s the one you put to the first place. It’s chosen by you.

You can order your pictures by using the small icons that have up-down arrows on them. You can move them with your mouse. Should you use your mobile, you can move them with your finger. Or whatever you prefer.

It’s important to put your best picture to the first place as it makes the first impression about you. You can’t make a second first impression.

And one more thing: smile.

For many years, I used to be signed up to dating sites as a user, just like you. I‘ve never had pictures about me with a smile. When I was asked why I didn’t, I got a bit angry. I thought let me decide what I put online about myself. I smile enough in real life. By the way, this is true.

I don’t make up this story, you can see my pictures. Thus I do understand if you don’t have pictures with a smile.

However, since I’m a moderator on Diamonds and I look at hundreds of pictures about men and women each day, I see them in a different way. It’s refreshing to see someone smiling. It makes the person much more likeable. It puts them into another league.

Life gives us both good and bad things. We don’t smile all the time. You don’t have to. However, for that five seconds, when a picture is taken about you, think about something wonderful. It matters more than you might think.

Sign in now, and put your best picture to the first place.