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Why one doesn’t get response? Part one


Discovering someone you like online will lead to one of the following options:

1. You’ll date.

2. You won’t.

There isn’t a third possibility.

People sign up to dating sites to meet someone they like in real. In case they have met, the next question is whether the date was good or not.

Should we expect that the most often mentioned issues on dating sites are about getting to the date or not getting there? Yes, we should. Let’s do so. It has its benefits making others believe that we can be wrong.

However, in reality, men complain about the lack of the response most often.

Most often, women complain: “If I don’t respond, I’ll receive another insulted message. When I say a polite ‘no’, I’ll receive another insulted message. As results are the same, it becomes more and more challenging over time to find a reason to respond. Anyway, I receive too many messages. They are a mixture of ‘Hello’ and ‘Why didn’t you reply??!’ with the rare case of ‘Hello, why didn’t you reply??!’”

At the end it might be that man she likes who won’t send her a message. Or maybe he did. The message might be hiding in the inbox. Page 17th. The archaeologists of the future will find it one day. They’ll put it into the museum. “Look, this handsome guy sent her an intelligent and funny message and he was the one who didn’t get any response. How interesting the life in the the twenty-first century could have been.”

With the aid of the empathy it’s easy to understand both sides. (Without the aid of the empathy one becomes a psychopath. That’s why I prefer calling for its aid from time to time.

As I’m still having it, let me tell you that the “man” and the “woman” could be any gender combination, it’s about taking the initiative and responding to it, but this dynamic is mainly true for the described situation.)

I doubt that there is such a man with perfect self-confidence who thinks every single time when he didn’t get a response that: “I’m relieved she didn’t reply. I won’t have to hurt her with the truth. ‘Sorry. I sent you the message because I don’t like you, so, with you, I can be practicing my ten fingers typing skills hazard-free.’”

He won’t think this. No one likes rejection. Handling it is what a mature person can do.

There can’t be many women either, who, after seeing their next 500 new messages in their inboxes, will think: “In certain things, it’s so much better being a woman than being a man”.

Although it might seem so from the other side but it’s wrong. Should you be in doubt, either read back or ask them why.

While receiving copy-pasted messages isn’t the first thing one would wish for, the lack of the response punishes those who actually put effort into writing a unique and meaningful initial message.

These are the common complaints, although one didn’t sign up for the sake of writing messages but for meeting in real life and having a good date and who knows what at the end.

Why to worry about the messages when the real question is whether you’ll meet a certain person you like or not? Not getting any response, getting a polite “no” and not getting initial message aren’t different considering the real goal.

Well, they might be not different. But none of them is a pleasant experience. They can hurt.

I know that. I care.

The next development phase of Diamonds is about helping you with them. We’ll have more than one solution for both sides.

With having many years of online dating experience, both personal and lived by friends, we know that someone who you’ll like is already waiting for you!

The first step towards finding them is a more efficient and helpful messaging system. Soon, I am going to deploy it for you.

It will be continued. Stay tuned.