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Refund Policy

Effective Date: Aug 12, 2016

Your payments

The Refund Policy applies to every payment sent to the Diamonds Dating website or any related sites, applications, services and tools (collectively Diamonds Dating or Dating Site, interchangeably).


You accept this Refund Policy by signing up, accessing or using our site, content, services, products, technologies or any feature we offered on the website, related site, applications, services.

We may alter the Refund Policy at any time. The revised version will be effective as of the published effective date. If the revised version includes an essential change, we will notify you at least 30 days before the revised Refund Policy’s effective date. After this period, you will be considered as having consented to all amendments to the Refund Policy.

By using Diamonds Dating, you accept that the local laws do not alter or affect our Refund Policy.

Opt in

A remarkable selection of our Dating Site’s services are free, such as searching for and communicating with other members, which are considered the main features of dating platforms. You are not forced to buy anything from us to use Diamonds Dating.

You may buy Subscriptions provide you with premium features.

You accept that changes in the prices or the features do not entitle you for a refund. We will notify you at least 7 days before changes in the prices of the renewable Subscriptions take effect.

What is a Subscription?

Subscriptions are collections of premium features sold together. Subscriptions meant to help you to achieve certain goals, such us finding a long-term relationship.

This Refund Policy refers to Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 Subscriptions. These are product category names. We may offer more than one Level 2 or Level 3 category product at the same time.

No refunds for communication limits

We provide our members with certain features you need know to understand our Refund Policy.

Paid dating platforms, in general, ask you to pay before you may send any messages. The typical freemium platform would ask you to pay, to be able to send or receive more than x messages.

Our Dating Site is different.

On Diamonds Dating, we allow you to exchange messages with our members in arbitrary amount. You can send and receive unlimited free messages.

You can pay, if you want, to receive fewer messages.

We offer our members a set of features we call “message filters”.

Message filters may block incoming messages or put them into another folder depending on the conditions you choose. For example, you can automatically reject messages from members living too far away from you.

When you decide to do so, neither you will nor we should care how much the sender is willing to pay to ask you: “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Didn’t you know distance doesn’t matter?!”

We believe it is you who should decide who you are looking for and what you want to spend your time on. We believe you should not be questioned or lectured about your desires and expectations. We offer you to restrict messages you are not interested in, based on various parameters.

As we offer all of our members the same features, it might happen you can’t contact a specific member you like.

A significant part of our message filters, such as the distance filter, meant to not be bypassed by purchasing a Subscription, or a more expensive Subscription.

If you have (the most expensive) Level 3 Subscription, you still might be unable to send messages to a specific member, whom, at the same time, certain free members can send messages to, because, for example, they are (or aren’t) blonde, unlike you.

We describe the details on the Subscription page. If it’s not clear how they work, you should ask us before purchase.

You accept that it is your responsibility to read and understand the features before purchase.

We do not refund you for not being able to send messages to specific members, not getting response, not being able to communicate with them, or not even seeing their profiles. These may be our members’ choices we respect the same way we respect yours.

We do not refund you for not reading our Refund Policy, or for not reading or not accepting how the “message filtering” works.

No refund for Level 1 subscription

The Level 1 Subscription offers a kind of protection from fraud impossible to provide to free members. We will post on our blog, why.

We want to keep the Level 1 Subscription’s price low to help as many members as possible. For Level 1, any other policy than “no refund, ever” would force us to double its price at least.

The policy for Level 1 Subscription is “no refund, ever, in any case”.

No refund for renewal for 1 month

You can turn on or off the renewal any time. You can upgrade or downgrade between paid Subscriptions at any time, with almost immediate effect, pro rata, no additional costs. We do not refund you for forgetting about 1 month period renewals.

No refund for “It was my little sister. My cat walked on the keyboard and made a purchase. Believe or not, the cosmic radiation did it.”

We do not refund you money for letting others know your password, using a shared email account or computer for our Dating Site, or for any event that allowed someone other than you to purchase a Subscription for your profile.

Occasionally, we might refund your Level 2 or level 3 Subscription to you

There is no guaranteed refund. If we refund you, we refund you by our own will.

While many message filters do not “care” about the sender’s Subscription, few of them does. This was the most often requested feature, for years, when Diamonds Dating did not offer any paid service at all.

Giving refunds for Level 2 or Level 3 Subscriptions could render our most requested feature pointless. If we did, anyone could subscribe for one or two days, bypass a Subscription-based message filter to reach a specific person, then get refunded. Providing anyone with such a shortcut would be unfair.

The “Level x Subscription only” filter can be turned on only by members who purchased the Level x Subscription themselves. They spent money on receiving messages only from those who are willing to invest at least the same effort into a serious relationship. They expected us to not let them down.

Members looking for a long-term relationship can count on us.

This is why every single refund request implies time-consuming activity-investigation. As we respect your privacy, we do not outsource the moderation of Diamonds Dating to people we do not know in person, which makes each refund request cost us a lot, whether it is legitimate or not.

The following guidelines tell you how much chance you have to get either a partial or a full refund:

A Level 3 Subscription gets more likely refunded than a Level 2

Long-term paid members and returning users more likely get refunded

The sooner you contacted us after the purchase the better chances you’ll have

The slower we responded to you the better chances you’ll have

Having no refund history increases your chances

Good reputation increase your chances

Sending a message, after purchase, to a recipient you wouldn’t have been able to contact before purchase sets the chance of refund equal to zero

Technical issues

We refund you money for payments executed by our mistakes or technical issues of a third party, should you contact us the way we describe in the “How to ask for refund, Disputes” section.

Our features are provided "as is, where is", without warranty of any kind, without exception. We may compensate you for downtimes or encountering “bugs” in paid features by extending your Subscription, if you have any.

We do not refund you money for technical issues other than wrong payments. We do not refund you money for “bugs” (errors in the implementation) or for mistakes in the translations.

Violations of the Terms of Conditions

We do not refund you when another member violates our Terms and Conditions.

We are not bound to refund you if we cancel your membership, for violating our Terms and Conditions, in our opinion. We have the right to cancel any membership without notice and without refund. We might decide to make an exception by our own will.

It is not our interest to cancel memberships, not even free ones, unless we can’t find another solution.

Spam and scam filtering

We invested more time and resources into our spam filter than into any other feature. The spam filter provides each member with the same level of protection. If there was a perfect solution to prevent spam and fraud, we would provide it to every member, for free.

Our anti-spam, anti-scam system does not qualify as artificial intelligence (yet). Neither is it perfect. We are improving it by reviewing its “decisions”. It’s already close to impossible to trigger it by activities don’t disturb the legitimate members in one or another way.

We unblock and help members by telling them what bad habits to avoid when we see them with no harmful intentions yet being caught. The anti-spam system is more “forgiving” to paid members. We do not refund for being blocked by the anti-spam system.

How to ask for a refund, Disputes

You may ask for a refund on the Subscription support interface. You can also send us email.

However, you have no rights for getting chargeback from us or winning any dispute against us unless:

1. You contacted us first

2. You contacted us using the Subscription support interface

2. You gave us up to 3 work days for initial response, starting from when you contact us through the Subscription support interface

3. You gave us up to 21 work days to solve the issue or refund you (depending on the situation)

You do not lose your right for refunds or chargebacks just by using email. The way you contact us does not affect our decision either.

You lose your rights to get refunded, to get chargeback, to win any dispute, only if you ask for a chargeback, from you bank or payment provider, before you contacted us, using the Subscription support interface.

You accept that initiating a chargeback before contacting us, using the Subscription support interface, or providing us with the 3 + 21 work days, makes you lose your right to get any refund and chargeback under any circumstances. You accept, in this case, that you automatically lose the dispute, any repeated disputes and any chargeback requests. This applies to every case, including but not limited to our mistakes, technical issues and vis major situations.

The Subscription support interface is a simple text area with a Submit button. It is one click form the Subscription page. You do not have to sign up to another website, or search first, or choose between categories and sub-categories, before you can start writing. We require you to use it because it is more reliable than using email, and it allows us to give higher priority to Subscription-related cases.

Using the Subscription support interface does not provide you with automatic refund, automatic winning of the dispute or chargeback request. Every term in our Refund Policy will be still valid and applied.


In no case, under no circumstances, are we bound to refund you more money than you paid. We do not have to pay for any kind of damage or cost of yours or your relatives or anyone else, no matter which one of our services you might used under what conditions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

This applies, without limitation, to exchange ratios, in both ways. We are not obligated to refund you a higher amount than you paid, in the currency you paid. We are not obligated to refund you higher amount, measuring in our main currency, than your payment was worth in our currency the time we converted it. Our main currency is Swiss Frank (CHF).

By purchasing anything from us on Diamonds Dating, you agree with everything above, completely.