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54, Man, Seeing someone

São Luís, Brazil

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Single Woman

28 - 40 years

Within 15000 kms

Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

My self-introduction

Iam a middle aged man (53) In good physical shape, separated and living a very confortable life in a tropical island. Interested in a special relationship of any kind with a woman.

What I am doing with my life

I work as university professor and as reseacher in Biology.

Things I like about myself

I'm sensitive to special values. Those that make a woman feel different from the others and even displaced from the common world.

My favourite outdoor activities are

Adventure, camping, swim in lakes, rivers and in the sea and contemplate the beauties of the nature.

My favourite indoor activities are

Nothing in special, but I use to watch wild life documentaries.

These topics are interesting for me

Patience. I am not interested in people who believe that a man and a woman may firm a compromise in a couple weeks and based solely in informations given online. A compromise depends on several other things that necessarily takes time.

I might look for you if

you are patient enough to explore an amity that may or may not evolve to something else. If you are interested in inner values and are willing to talk about sophisticated emotions between a man and a woman. Those that make life worth living and a friendship or a love worth experiencing.

Free online dating site member Alffie’s photo
Free online dating site member Alffie’s photo
Fieldwork in northeastern Brazil.
Free online dating site member Alffie’s photo
Me by the Parnaiba river