49, Woman, Single

Bergen, Norway

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Single Man

35 - 49 years

Within 20038 kms

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My self-introduction

Very attractive, sporty, active, educated, passionate woman, who loves nature and lives with her 2 dogs looking for somebody who also has high standards, but already understood that money is not everything and can enjoy life.

What I am doing with my life

Not working hard anymore, just trying to find the beauty in life and spend time with sports in the nature.

Things I like about myself

My long legs :)

Seriously: I thing I am a caretaker with a big heart, this is my best feature

My favourite outdoor activities are

Dog-walking, canicross, skiing, swimming, trekking, playing golf.

My favourite indoor activities are

Watching some good movie with a glass of cold white wine.

These topics are interesting for me

Besides politics, economics and religion almost everything :)

I might look for you if

you have or like to share the same lifestyle, and if it happens, without children... only two of us with lots of activity.

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48, Woman, Single

Rødberg, Norway