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I am a straight forward person and do not see any point in lie or hiding. I believe in honesty and openness, I believe in cooperation and support. I always follow the rule treat people the way you want to be treated. So I am looking for someone who is ready to cooperate and do his half to meet.. The best advice I have ever got was just to be myself. Well, Who am I? You may call me a Queen of flirt Don't you believe me? Give me a few minutes to charm you.Are you ready? My dad said me that when I was a little child, I used to stand on the on the roadside and smile at everyone who walked by.Everybody could not pass by me without giving me sweets I only improved my skills to captivate. Are you not scared to fall into my trap? I'm always up for trying new things and do not afraid to take risks. I become blooming due to new knowledge. The most memorable object of my research is Italy and I am hoping to come back there with my soul mate. Do you love to travel too? The Earth is immense. A lot of places still don't discovered by us. So we should get a jerk on. It is up to you

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Hmm, nothing will be able to become more interesting for me than you, but nonetheless I would like to mention my hobbies My favorite hobby for staying balanced is practicing yoga. Being busy almost the whole day, it's nice to have a little bit time to stretch and to relax. I think women who enjoy yoga must be incredibly attractive for men. Why? Have you ever seen any positions in yoga? I am sure you will enjoy seeing me practicing yoga. What did it give for me? I feel my body and can manage it as I wish. It sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Also I love to create beauty. As you understood I work in a beauty salon. I am a creator, a dreamer who is able to implement all fantasies into reality. May I implement all your desires? Will we try? Just make wishes and wait for your little fairy

I might look for you if

I would like to meet a man who believes that family and relationship are the most important things in life, a reliable and responsible man who has his own principles and goals, and whose attitude towards a woman, her interests is respectful. This is a man, who can be a best friend, beloved man, who will always be a reliable support and a protector. If you are kind, caring, strong, educated - I am here for you to try our luck. A good sense of humor will be also helpful.

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