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63, Woman, Single

Valencia, Venezuela

Venezuelan dating site member

Looking for:


Single Man

65 - 69 years

Within 1479 kms

Long-term dating, Friendship

My self-introduction

Am an honest lady, reliable, responsible and tired of being alone.

What I am doing with my life

Enjoying it

Things I like about myself

Many, but most, my independence

My favourite outdoor activities are

Watch a blue sky, walk my dogs, go to the beach

My favourite indoor activities are

Do my housekeeping, cooking, watch TV, listsening to music

These topics are interesting for me

Politics, economy, international news, animals

I might look for you if

If we enjoy the same activities, if you are over 63, if you are clean, with controlled health issues, if any, if you like pets, if you lke to share your thoughts and communicate whaever is inside your head, if you are looking for a life partner, if you are ready to settle down, if you dont like to argue, if you still enjoy sex, if you still can love, if you are not a selfish guy, if you dont have big scars in your heart if you have then u are willing to heal them, if you are able to travel if u can can consider relocating, if you are white if you like to be touched, kissed or hugged

Free online dating site member Dianamer’s photo