Elderly Male

58, Woman, Married

Ahmedabad, India

Indian dating site member

Looking for:


Woman, Man, Couple

50 - 64 years

Within 100 kms

Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship

My self-introduction

Hi! Am 50+. Healthy. Sexually active. Looking for friendship for close physical contacts and enjoyment during my short visits to India.

What I am doing with my life

Am working in a senior management position.

Things I like about myself

Being open minded and like to have friends around me.

My favourite outdoor activities are

Walking - a hobby. Sitting in Bars with friends and enjoying a drink or two, once in a while.

My favourite indoor activities are

Reading. Watching comical serials and knowledge shows like Discovery and Animal Planet. Watching porn.

These topics are interesting for me

World developments on science. Humanity stories.

I might look for you if

You are an Open Minded person about enjoying life without any attachments. Enjoying life for me is talking nicely, enjoying a drink or two together, close physical contacts - all without any long term attachment.