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I seek my real half-- blue eyed, blond hair, soft features of face, athletic strong body(bones) structure, from 184sm(age ap.38-48 years old)--- my native Soul—Soul of pure nature my dear “white-snow Angel”—gift of Universe which believe in cosmic connections of native Souls-- reliable, faithful, serious, kind, sincere, tender, very wealthy, generous, caring, loving, understanding. Which –the “creator-builder” by nature(like me), which could help in an emergency situation which have natural ability to cover and protect from Evil according the true nature of the Man. I`m green eyed long light brown hair (164sm/52 kg) Scorpio on the sign of Zodiak—my man have the deep sensitive Soul nature like me. I`m not typical Scorpio-harmonious delicate nature but sensitive like Scorpio and reliable, faithful, serious. I dream about heart family home and for all what can to connected with it conception—association, I very love travelling and all beautiful—the babies, ballet, Castles-especially baroque style, all kind of Arts—fashion, painting, singing, dance, theater, nature, animals-especially dogs. I`m all want to share with my real half—all feelings, thoughts—all future life forever—to live in harmony and mutual love. My profession-education connected with biology-medicine(I tried stem cells technology and clinical embryology—and I would want to develop this direction on new level).I very wait answer from real half—as it is the cry of Soul already now and my Hope for Happy and Love for future

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Free online dating site member Lisy777’s photo
Free online dating site member Lisy777’s photo

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