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My life is full of various interests and one of them is obviously my job. I studied in the teacher-training university and got a degree in the English and German. I enjoy teaching English to both kids and adults. I have tried different kinds of occupations before eventually coming to the conclusion that teaching people is exactly what brings me satisfaction and pleasure. Most probably my passion for acquiring knowledge and learning new things. I do enjoy spending some time on my own. I am a romantic, caring, tender, faithful, honest person with a good sense of humor.I am the type of woman who is smart, sweet, caring and fun to be around. I value and respect my family and friends above all else! I love to laugh at myself and others. I always try and live by the golden rule which is to treat others like you want to be treated. In the close future I will be a fashion designer. I chose this profession because I am very creative and imaginative person. I like to be useful and bring pleasure.

I'm an optimistic, sporty lady with gray eyes and romantic nature. But my real beauty is not that which is visible. The real one is inside. It is that beauty which is true and does not disappear with the years. I believe life is such a gift to all of us. And it has to be appreciated at its true value. But one can feel and enjoy this gift to the fullest just if he shares it with his second half. My dream is to find such a Man here! The Man with whom I can share all my life and everything I have. I am an open and easy-going person. I make friends easily and try to be positive about people. I like to travel very much especially in warm countries as I like sea and beach very much. I would like to live somewhere near the sea and enjoy summer the whole year round. I am very open and hospitable, I prefer to tell truth and be honest with people. I dream about kids and family, and I hope that this dream will come true soon!

I am a calm, balanced, harmonious, attentive, kind, educated and neat person. I have patient character and can listen to people and their problems. I love my family, friends and dear people. I believe in acts and sure that each person can make mistakes. So I'm not looking for perfection. I am funny, optimistic, full of energy and passion, I love to talk, but I am also a very good listener. Family and friends are very important to me, I love spending time with them, have fun together, help them when they need me. I think it is one of my good values, I am a person who likes to take care of people that I love. I think this is one of the things that makes me a woman. I know what I want in life. I take my responsibilities, I am motivated, dedicated, honest and open. With others, I am very tolerant and patient.I like to communicate with people. I like to be outdoors, spend time with friends! Family moments mean a lot for me, I devote as much time as possible to my boy, we are very close and share many activities together!

To say about myself, I am very sociable with the sense of humor girl. I am honest, ready-witted and helpful person, so you can always rely on me and can ask me for any help. That is why I am always trying to be optimistic in any situation. I am attractive, elegant, cheerful, easy-going, adventurous, optimistic, trustworthy; people find me friendly, smart, fun to be with, sociable, open-minded and I am very family-oriented. I believe in love and I am here to meet my life-time partner with whom together we will spend the rest of the life.

Nice to meet you in this big world. It is hard to describe myself well just in a few sentences, but I will try and hopefully you will wish to know more. I can directly tell you that I am a very good-natured and optimistic girl, my friends tell that I have a kind and tender heart. I know how to make compromises, I do not like quarrels and believe that peaceful and open conversation can solve all problems. My motto is to look at this world with a smile! For me it is very important to stay in good shape, like we say here: in the healthy body there is a health soul! At the same time I appreciate family moments, sometimes there is nothing better than to stay with my close people, in the warm and cozy family environment. I like making my home really looking nice and comfortable.

I am very open, sincere and trustful lady. I am always ready to listen and to help. I have a very big, kind and loving heart that is full of passion and desire to build happy relationship. I value friendship, loyalty as I am myself a good friend and loyal person, trusting and open with people. It is not a secret that Ukrainian women are good housewives and neat-handed. I am not an exception because I consider myself to be a true Ukrainian – sweet, generous and caring. I am a kind, punctual, cheerful, goal-oriented, good-tempered, creative, and positive person. My friends say that I am an easy-going and open-hearted person. I am very sensitive and romantic. By nature I am very tender and kind-hearted. I love life and my optimism helps me to overcome difficult situations in life. I am an active and cheerful person who likes to give love to my close people.

I am very communicative and open-hearted person. I am not an egoistic person; I think that I was born to make happy the only one person in this world. I am very kind and lovely young lady. I adore children, because my profession is connected with them, but still I want to have my own lovely and wonderful strong family with lots of children. I am very attentive to my close people. I can be a good friend and I will never betray. I am rather optimistic, I believe in chance and fortune. I know also if to do one’s best everything can be possible. I am very friendly; I am for new acquaintances and good rest. I am always inspired for new actions.

Being a teacher of Russian and English literature I should mention that it is not only a job but also a hobby for me. My free time is devoted to reading both classic and modern literature. Moreover I'm fond of poetry and I have even tried writing poems myself which they say I was quite good at. Special place in my life belongs to music that goes in harmony with my spirits and inner world. Being a modern sociable woman full of energy and passion for life, I am at the same time tender, caring, affectionate and faithful. Love is what always comes first to me in life. I enjoy living in the city. I love being around people but quite enjoy spending some quiet family time at home too. One of my passions is interior design and I have always dream to have a special place in my house where I could create paintings. In my dreams it is a finely lit room with an easel, paint palettes, colored pencils and all the other necessary things scattered all over the studio.

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