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My self-introduction

Hello everyone or shall I say Bula Vinaka to u all its being a pleasure being part of this particular online dating site and I am really glad to be here. I am just a normal person very in particular with my personality and my surroundings. I am still in College, persueing my bechlor degree in linguistics and history which comes under the faculty of Social Science.

What I am doing with my life

I am currently studying at the moment and at the same time I am vollunteering a few NGO's in Fiji.

Things I like about myself

I am a very easy going person and also I fit to any type of society which enhances me to being very open with my relationships. I am a very sociable person and I am into fashions and updating myself with hollywood gossip and I am a big fan of Beyonce

My favourite outdoor activities are

My favourite outdoor actuvities includes hiking, volleyball, travelling and clubing

My favourite indoor activities are

My favourite indoor activities includes playing chess, cooking, singing, plating cards and babysitting.

These topics are interesting for me

I am very intereted in all open tipics.

I might look for you if

I might hook up with u if u are just being yourself and anything as long as u are a good guy with a good looking face.... lol... wahahahahahihi

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