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Limoges, France

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My self-introduction

I am a simple woman very understanding and very attentive to both mature who are very well how to live a beautiful relationship and make an everlasting love.32 years old I look for a true love based on compliance with a man more than 40 years.

NB; for all people who are not there for the seriousness it avoids contacted me.

What I am doing with my life

during my free time I love to cook and also reading walks among friends

Things I like about myself

I like my honesty, my sincerity and my sense of humor

My favourite outdoor activities are

I love life and I leap into the cool morning, the happiness of feeling exist. I am a man beating. I'm done for the joy of living. I jump right in front of me and I like challenges and achieve goals. I am a man somewhat reserved by nature, shy, simple, comprehensive, intelligent, open to other tolérant- very good cook.

My favourite indoor activities are

I am very clean and I hate disorder I love the cleanness inside

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