66, Man, Married

Karachi, Pakistan

Degree dating site member

Looking for:



35 - 54 years

Within 100 kms


My self-introduction

OK. Very young 62. Look 47 max. Thinking 37-42. Prefer women who are open, not trying to hide things! Love to travel (waiting foe suitable budget!). Rest below.

What I am doing with my life

Teaching English and related things at university

Things I like about myself

Excellent listener. Empathetic. Trustworthy. Reliable. Strong shoulder for anyone to cry on. Great advice giver. Patient. Romantic to the max. Music sensitive. Artistic personality. Creative. Love playing with words. Witty. Clean flirter!

My favourite outdoor activities are

Chilling in nature surroundings

My favourite indoor activities are

Music, chilling in my room, watching high quality sports on TV, chatting with women. Reading all kinds of things.

These topics are interesting for me

Talking with women. Clean flirting. Cultural discussions. Languages. Humour.

I might look for you if

you are humorous, down to earth, sporting spirited (you know what I mean ,,, not related to SPORTS, but being able to take things in good humour. Pleasant in your nature. Open minded.

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