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To the readers...(if there's any)

Welcome to my profile area and Thank You for your time, for some series of looking and searching this site you may end up here and finally reading this one. Thanks again...

For those who are curious about me....well let me tell you that...there's nothing special with me....i'm not pretty nor beautiful but I am definitely CUTE...(well as for my opinion ahem..)

I didn't categorize myself like a normal lady with all the feminine stuff like skirts and dresses...that's not my thing...i am more into outdoor activities so i love pants ...shirts and sneakers...and likes to go on and most of all WORKING.

My work requires 6 days a week..that leaves me only 1 day to rest and enjoy all my hobbies that leaves me no rest at all.

Reader: You didn't write what's your work.

Miley: Sorry...I am a nurse by the way...

I work overseas away from my homeland..which means i don't have any close relatives with me...Need to do all the stuffs on my own..but i don't have any problem with that.

So for you who is reading this might be thinking or asking this question in mind ( or maybe not)

why i joined this site?...just looking for a friend..a good friend.

Am i single?...totally single but it doesn't mean i'm looking for a partner.

I think that's all for today...

Thanks a lot!

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Aside from being Cute...i am

With a Happy Personality





Sweet and Romantic


Religious (Catholic Faith)

Smile addict

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