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38, Nő, Független

Albuquerque, Egyesült Államok

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Független Férfi

37 és 67 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat, Szex, Barátság


I am definitely not here to "play" either and I think you and I are searching for the same...a friendship...and if that friendship should blossom into something more we would be blessed with one of life's most beautiful gifts...the gift of love.. I have held on tightly to the hope that this blessings will be bestowed upon me. To find that one special woman or as you say"beloved partner in life" with whom I can share everything--unite my heart, body and soul. That one special man who will cherish and respect me, with all my imperfections, as much as I will always cherish and respect him.That one special man who thinks of me as he Princess.This would be a dream come true...

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Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó Paulinechatty fényképe

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