40, Nő, Független

Charlottetown, Kanada

Kanadai társkereső

Akit keres:



29 és 43 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat


I enjoy nature walks in the forest or along the beach. I like a hot sauna and a cool swim. I take road trips to see familiar faces and strange places. I like to philosophize about human nature. I read ancient history, current affairs, and historical fiction. I watch adventure, drama, or sci-fi movies (even the silly ones). I like to write. And I like the blues. I’m a slim, who keeps in pretty good shape. interest in the human race. In particular, I find people’s world views or belief systems to be of great interest. I have been single and am delighted to find this web site. My friends like my honesty, loyalty, and dedication. I'm searching for a man who can take me as i am. Someone who can share a life without having to control it

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