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Theresa Ohemeng

32, Nő, Nyitott kapcsolatban

Evans Head, Ausztrália

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I am Theresa Ohemeng by name i am 29years of age single with no kids ...never been married...5'8 feet tall and athletic and I was born in USA in Alabama and rise there but now in Ghana doing my masters degree in medicine am on my final year so let us see what the future would hold for me and i also work as a doctor in a hospital when am done with my studies.

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I am vulnerable about my exterior appearance, about my body. I do not like when you compliment me about my aspect with jokes. I like and sometimes even prefer a stranger's compliment when it is said appropriately. I like when you surprise me with your compliments. Being surprised is like feeling there is something new, novel. I appreciate constructive suggestions, for example about the way I dress, but I do not like when you joke about it. If there is something you do not like, for example my new lipstick, tell it with courtesy, and buy me another one without letting me know.

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I want to laugh, laugh, laugh with you. I want to dance with you, listen to music with you, and laugh with you. Let's laugh, let's free up, laughing together!

I like biking, I like going to the ocean and walking on the beach. You know it and I love when you propose doing something that maybe you do not specifically like doing, but you do because you know I like it.

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I love surprise gifts — a haircut, or a day at a spa, or an hour of massage. It is a real gift when I come back home and find tasks I was supposed to do during that time already taken care of!

A dinner invitation is nice too, but it has to be a surprise. I love when you anticipate my desires; it means you know me very well, all the little things I care about, and my habits

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My favorite movies are romantic movies, eating habits: just about anything. I don¦t have any kids, I don¦t smoke or drink alcohol. am always smiling and don’t easily get irritated, I don't even remember the last time I frowned.

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am that type of person who always try to make people laugh. I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and also satisfied with whatever I have. am an all rounded person to cut it this is all i can say about me but if you feels there's more you want to know about me please you're more than welcome to ask any question u wished to know about me and am also alone and looking for someone to share my whole life with,not just someone but one who have all the good characters in life.

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When engaging in a relationship with another person there is always going to be things that you do not agree upon. You want to have the ability to compromise so both partners are getting their wishes met. This may mean one night you watch football, and one night your partner watches a movie you enjoy. It might mean that your partner can agree to try a dish that you enjoy cooking....... In any organization with more than one person in it, there will be more than one opinion, work with your partner to see that both of you can compromise on different subjects. If someone isn’t willing to compromise, they are not willing to acknowledge your wants and desires. If they can not acknowledge your wants they are likely not emotionally developed enough for you to have your needs met.

Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó Theresa Ohemeng fényképe
Hello am Theresa and am new on here and really looking for a new friends and also here to find fun.

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