Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó bianca1985 fényképe


32, Nő, Független

Van Horn, Egyesült Államok

Amerikai társkereső

Akit keres:


Független Férfi

37 és 45 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat, Szex


I like to enjoy the life, to make happy the persons that I love, to read, the music, the beaches, lands and mountains... and to laugh until to lost the breath!! Communication with somebody it is not only to say things... it is to hearing, to understand and to feel what the other say. For to comment about what the other have said... for to add our own point of view... looking for the agreement..I'm a Loving, Caring, Understanding, Faithful, Compassionate individual with a sense of humor and a love for cuddling, snuggling and holding hands. I enjoy long walks either in the park or on the beach. I love to read and share time with my loved one. I also love to give massages and hopefully get them in return grin. I love children and enjoy doing lots of things with them.. I love making people smile and laugh. I love to cuddle, snuggle and hold hands. I'm sort of old fashioned too as in I believe in treating the man with respect, love and kindness...I want to have a loving, caring husband with whom I can believe in and count on in life as he could count on me. i need Someone who would enjoy it when I come in and give his a neck massage and a kiss for no reason. Someone who would do the same for me. A man who loves to be held and caressed and loves having her feet massaged. I would like to cook him a special meal and to enjoy it together. A man who is there for me when I have a bad day and cheers me up. he would also be communicative and understanding as I would be for her. A man to have a loving family with..I am very humble and polite with big socially behavior skills.

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Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó bianca1985 fényképe
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Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó bianca1985 fényképe

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