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Hello and thanks for taking the time to see and perhaps hear me as well

I love to do new things in new places I love water and water sports, scuba to sailing and I like snow skiing, jogging or just laying at the beach I have a ton of energy (unless I am taking a nap ;-)

Every day is an adventure in my world. I know I am supposed to lure you in here - But if you want to know someone - know what their priorities are - for the next 5 yrs or so mine is raising my daughter. Meet Tiger Dad. I have a 14year old daughter that is the center of my world –so fair warning run now as Tiger Dad is on a mission to raise a strong young lady that is confident in every way – at 12 she started flying lessons

Ezt csinálom az életben

She is actually a very sweet young lady who will openly welcome a good lady into her Father’s life. I don’t want to scare anyone off at 13 I only have a few more years until she is off to college and life, but I intend those few years to be as formative in a positive way as they can be. Academics, Sports, Fun travels, Social, Flying

Some of you are past this stage - I only ask for patience and that you remember the responsibility you felt when it's your 13 y/o

So Dad has a current priority but it’s not exclusive to everyone else needs, mine included.

Dolgok, amiket szeretek magamban

I am a oil and gas professional – I travel - normally at least 25% of the time which would not be so good except the 75% of the time I am home with no commute. I am at a stage in career where I am thinking of moving to other business – just have not figured out which market

I like to read fiction, I love to travel, I love cruises, lived in Europe and traveled the world

I like to stay fit and exercise regularly, I am at same weight as I was in my 20’s

This is Not me

Kedvenc szabadtéri tevékenységeim

I don’t watch sports on TV (Ok I will binge on a Netflix show w/y but you will not c me watch 2 sports games a yr unless you take me to a live game) – I don’t know the names of two NFL players – less baseball – zero basketball

Who and what am I looking for?

With Regard to White Night, Saviours, Soul Mates, Perfect.. etc. I love romance but I can’t save anyone, I am so drained by the stereotypical man women relationship roles and responsibilities, I don’t want to lead you, or be led by anyone - and hopefully neither do you

I am looking for someone that gets it – that has as much going on in her life as I have in mine – a lady that does not want to give up anything in her life to have a relationship

Kedvenc benti tevékenységeim

I am imperfect – perfectly so, what I want, and will give in return, is my time, my love and my emotional support

I want to win an independent lady’s love, admiration, her desires and respect I want to be desired like chocolate, not required like taxes or old age ;-)

Számomra érdekes témák

I want to love and be loved by someone I admire & respect, one that makes me long to be with emotionally and physically.

If you got this far thank you! If you still think I am worth getting to know better than let’s chat if that works, we meet for a cup of coffee

In case it was missed above

Talán téged kereslek, ha

If you are here because you are;

Looking to be saved by a knight or elf or something magical

Need a husband because all your friends have one

Looking to save someone like me...

If you are proud of any of the 16 plus GOP primary candidates, or consider yourself politically a conservative - know that i am a bit of a liberal - see pictures for definition as it may be different then yours

I am sorry we will not make it past the Starbucks hello meeting

Peace and Happiness

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