72, Férfi, Független

Vientiane, Laosz

Diplomás társkereső

Akit keres:


63 és 77 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat, Kötetlen kapcsolat, Barátság


I am american living in laos because it is the friendliest place i know

I was born in the rocky mountains in north east utah in the indian reservation

I am not american indian.

Half norway half england

My story is in wikipedia

Just search for jim holmberg

Ezt csinálom az életben

I am creating my music company in laos because the space here is so clean i can create anything freely

Dolgok, amiket szeretek magamban

I am a time traveler.

I came to this period of time from the future.

Many of us came to raise the vibrations so the planet would become peaceful

Kedvenc szabadtéri tevékenységeim

Ski, riding horses, making friends, dancing and singing

Kedvenc benti tevékenységeim

Playing with new gadgers like android tablets cell phones, and laptops

Számomra érdekes témák

Natural cure for health

I haven not been sick in 40 years and it is because i never see doctors and never go to drug stores. I cure everything with herbs and natural healing

I stay away from technology designed to keeo everyone sick for money only

This is the food and drug administration.

Putting chemicals in package foods to make you unhealthy so they can get all your money with health care which none of there drugs cure anything.


Cancer is a fungus and baking soda kills fungus tumors and all.

Taje 1 tablespoon baking soda and 3 tablespoons honey and the cancer likes the hiney and gets killed by the baking soda

This cure was discovered in 1933 and covered uo by the drug companies so they can get goverment grants to cure cancer fir money only

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Írj ide valamit.