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I am very charismatic girl! I treat life positively and I try to be always in a good mood. Women should enjoy life and give joy to the world. Emotional - it's about me. I am peaceful. I try to avoid conflicts and find mutual understanding with all people. My work brings me joy. I am a blogger. Also, I am a journalist, model and actress. My dream is to write a book for women. I want to teach women how to be happy and loved. I think that the worst that person can do is to betray one who trusts him.

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i did love have fun with my frineds

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Family for me is first. My man should love me and care about me. A man who knows what he wants and is very attractive to me. He will motivate me to be his most beautiful princess! I have a good sense of humor so I need a man with a sense of humor. I would be happy if we have common interests. I will give my man care, love and positive emotions! My man should love his parents. It's important for me. And of course he should appreciate beauty.

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