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I am a hard working lady who strives for the better and hoping to invest and find happiness with people and in life, although I would say I am not materialistic by any means. Sincere, genuine, passionate & as honest as they come. Physically fit and sensitive, very hard on myself and quite humble. I am confident in my life and a realist as I always keep busy doing something constructive in my down time. I love working associated with that brings me much joy. I enjoy listening to live music in small venues, as well as am very humble, down to earth, and my own worst critic! I have always been into the "healthy" lifestyle and workout daily at home before work to start my day. I enjoy anything outdoors, fishing, boating, camping. I have alot to offer any man and would love one day to share that again with someone special. While i am not in a hurry to get to the end, to find that special person to share things with would be a wonderful start. Obviously friends first, if anything further developed, well it is good. Honesty is huge. So please be honest with yourself and others. Friends first, always. he should be someone I can share anything with in life, who can bond with myself as a true "best friend". An affectionate man to share personal passions, dreams, and interests would be wonderful. You are assertive, witty and intellectually outgoing, not into games. I am very easy to talk to. Attraction is a key as we both know, but chemistry is what eventually wins over and sustains a relationship. It is not all about how one looks... but I still maintain we both need that spark to start. I really enjoy reading what a man has to say about himself and find that equally as,... if not more important. I am a sensitive soul, much more of a cuddlier type. I am not in a hurry to get to the end, but to develop some great chemistry with a special man would be a nice start and yes, eventually have that partner in life again. Friendship, sharing & simple things. If you would like to know more about myself, please feel free to write, I'd be happy to share.

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I focus on my work and my plans though i have plans and task that i have to accomplish within sometime but i still keep my focus clear about how am going to achieve it, my life is simple and i don't intimidate myself with future plans and achievement once there is a plan i believe life would be much easier with anything in line.

Dolgok, amiket szeretek magamban

Am a good listener and am considerate as well as helpful to others. If i also fix my mind on something it is very impossible for me not to achieve it. There are other things about me but i would not say everything for now.

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I like swimming, skiing, i also like to take some walk in my free time just to relax my thought and feed my eyes something new.

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Books I enjoyed reading were on angels and life after death accounts, the latest book I read?... The 5 Love Languages. A wonderful book, a must read for anyone. i aslo watch some movies and spend quality time in front of T.V. i would entertain a good chat if there is a possibility of it and i also take sometime to make plans and do something new and learn new things as well.

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Fashion and Lifestyle, antiques, Real life issues, Movies and concert, Creativity and Health.

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Well if someone is a good friend and i see a good value in them which could be a positive result for both of us then i would make sure i keep such person in my circle.

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