64, Férfi, Független

Genève, Svájc

Svájci társkereső

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50 és 64 között

100 km-en belül

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I am confident, that helps me feel comfortable talking to people it also spills into my own personal beliefs about myself. Although I have several strengths, I also acknowledge and accept my weaknesses. I take full responsibility for my actions, I rarely regret things I have done in the past and I am not embarrassed easily.

Perhaps the defining feature that sets me apart from most people is the exceptionally high standards that I set for myself. My competence in social gatherings as well as at work should provide ample evidence for this. With these characteristics, people come to me for advice and generally think of me as someone with leader-like qualities. My goals in life? I have had plenty of goals which I have achieved successfully, the list is way to long to put here. I would not change a single thing all good. A woman that takes my heart away and fills me with breathless emotion wanting to make love with passion is where it is at.

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Dolgok, amiket szeretek magamban

trust,honesty and loyalty

Kedvenc szabadtéri tevékenységeim

outdoors,travel,ocean/water,friends,bengals,thunderstorms,swimming, flying,mountains,moonlite nites,the stars,the desert,pool,car shows,fishing,nature,bowling,riding my bike,walking,walking in the rain,car races,cooking

fireworks,hot air balloning,picnics,canoeing,horseback riding,dolphins,nascar,gospel music,country music,classic rock,movies,concerts,animals my pet, zoos,

craft shows,sunrise,sunset,road trips,camping,cards,festivals,yard work,photography,sports,playing in the snow,sitting by the fireplace,renting a cabin,reading story book,Dancing,Doing private Bible studies,ironing, washing

Kedvenc benti tevékenységeim

Playing chess, and video games

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Talán téged kereslek, ha

You look for me i look for you.

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