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35, Nő, Független

Odda, Norvégia

Norvég társkereső

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I am a wonderful, caring individual who would like nothing better than to find someone to be a partner too. I give lots of

effort to the special someone that connects with me, I'm single I would love to find someone who wants to spend the time to go to dinner, cuddle and watch a movie. go for a drive at sunset just because we want to be together...... And of course what goes on behind the close doors or in darkness on a blanket with a cool breeze blowing across your skin is

always a plus..... Hope you find your special someone and maybe it will be me....... I am female with a generous, truthful heart. I am stable, open-minded, passionate, with a sense of humor and an optimistic approach to life. My first

love language is the gift of self. I have a harmonious, helpful nature and appreciate the honest, respectful communication

in a mature relationship. I am a physically and verbally affectionate person. I enjoy pampering and being pampered.

Friends and family are dear to me. I am seeking for someone who is confident and certain of what he wants in a relationship. I desire a man who treats people kindly; a man with an appreciation of life's wonders, a sense of humor, and

enjoyment of conversation.Someone who will view me as her partner in life, yet not forget to treat me as a woman I'm

seeking a man with the ability to appropriately manage the challenges life brings to each of us

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I am however looking for a self sufficient man who I can be proud to be with. `who is energetic and has a sence of

adventure. Ones place in life isn't important but who they are inside and how they treat other is. Actions speak volumes,

material things are nice (I won't lie about that) but they mean little without the actions that should accompany them.

Many times just a special someones company is the most valuable gift any one could receive. Keeping things simple and

spontaneous is often the best.Having an understanding of who your special person is a must but that only comes with time and actually spending time to get to know them takes work. This takes more than most people are usually willing to give of themselves. I am willing to take that time if I feel the person is sincere,honest, open, kind, caring, affectionate,

adventurous, strong, brave, confidant, creative, loyal, reasonably good looking, good manners, good values, good kisser, good sense of humor, mischievous, fearless, fun, friendly,interested and commitmenttd about finding someone special. All good things are worth time who knows you may just find someone incredible!!!! I am a unique person with rural values and and upbeat attitude towards life, a great smile and am looking forward to meeting YOU! So check me out further, and hey, we are both on this system looking for the same thing so let's see what happens..

Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó loverspride01 fényképe
Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó loverspride01 fényképe

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