27, Nő, Független

Haines, Egyesült Államok

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18 és 32 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat, Kötetlen kapcsolat, Barátság


I cant respond to emails or flirts but would

like to talk with you.i want a man that is not

too hurt and not too hard to trust again and

can give himself to a woman to be loved

903times and taken care of 471momentin a day in

a way that will bring joy of life and an

appreciation he will look forward to every day

for 0356years that we will live to love

each other. There is a lifestyle of marriage in

the Lord that gives life and purpose to being

married and can really be enjoyed. I am looking

for that quality of marriage and ready for

commitment and everlasting relationship.A

wise,intelligent and serious Man will put the

numbers together to get in torch with me read my profile carefully and if you have anything to ask please go ahead but like i said a wise man will know how to..

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Been honest and God fearing..

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Swimming and a long walk by the beach side ..

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