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62, Férfi, Független

New Glasgow, Kanada

Kanadai társkereső

Akit keres:


54 és 68 között

100 km-en belül

Komoly kapcsolat, Kötetlen kapcsolat, Barátság


I am not you typical outdoor surfer. i am reserved and laid back. i tend to listen more than i speak. i go out and spoil my self when ever i am off work. i do more of shopping and Antiques collection. my favorite place is in the gallery. i love art. i am more of a professional business person. i graduated as an engineer at Oklahoma state university with a first class grade and did master in geology at Pen State. i thrive and work very hard to be best i can be. when ever i am not working' i am either at home cooking and stocking the refrigerator or out with my dog on the beach. i am very shy ' i tend to avoid crowded environment. i love cinemas but i prefer to stay home and watch movies since i have no companion. I have always live like this since my wife passed away.. i have decided it is time for a change. i am coming out of my shell to find love again...

Ezt csinálom az életben

Just living the life the best way i can.

Dolgok, amiket szeretek magamban

my work' my family' my home' my hobbies' and people around me

Kedvenc szabadtéri tevékenységeim

travelling' fishing' cinemas' beach' i love art and nature

Kedvenc benti tevékenységeim

Cooking' reading' movies' cleaning' gardening and so much more

Számomra érdekes témák

experience' achievement and personal life

Talán téged kereslek, ha

you open you heart from me to come in.

Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó ursviktor fényképe
my best friend

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Ingyenes társkereső oldal felhasználó Niky 242 fényképe

Niky 242

55, Férfi, Független

Halifax, Kanada